30 Jan 2007

Hi guys. How sustainable are you all? That was the question a colleague – in all seriousness and without any irony - put to me last week. I found myself stuck because the obvious ‘I’m actually unsustainable’ is not a funny answer.

Anyway, I’m afraid that How Sustainable Are You might turn out to be the question of the season, so I’m looking for some clever replies.   Therefore, I announce the first official Planning Dispatch competition. When someone asks you how sustainable you are, what do you reply? Answers by email to info@garrymiley.com 

Runner up gets free Ryanair flights to the marvellous new eco resort in the Maldives.  Winner gets guaranteed, same day validation on any planning application in a county of your choice.     

Seriously, if we want to make progress in the area of energy, transport and planning efficiency we’ve got to start using terms which aren’t so loaded. For people like me, when we hear the word ‘sustainable’ we see wigwams.

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