28 May 2007

Do you know the way sometimes things are going well for you and you just want to smugly spread the news of your good fortune to a captive audience without their interrupting you with their dull contributions? Well that’s the way I’m feeling this week. So with the exception of Tom Byrne’s commentary (which I’m only including because I promised I would in the last Dispatch) this week is all about me, my views and what I think about everyone else. Some excellent stuff on a total redesign for Waterford City, some dodgy requests for ‘clarifications’ from confused planners, refusals by local authorities to grant pre-planning consultations, etc., will have to wait till next time.

First, remember Fionnuala Rogerson’s suggestion in the last Dispatch that I would be better off writing for a national newspaper about planning matters than running in the election on a planning ticket and I sort of alluded to a top secret development in that regard? Well, as some of you have already noticed, I have a piece in this week’s Farmer’s Journal (largest circulation in the country, btw) which, I hope, will be the first of several. I rant more than I do in the Dispatch and I do come off a little bit more smart-aleccy than I had intended. But still, I’m proud. If any of you feel inclined to write to the Journal, say, in support of the opinions I expressed and thereby ensure that I get a regular gig with them, that’s entirely up to you.

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