21 Sep 2007

The kindest thing the newspapers ever have to say about Tom Gilmartin is that he's a whistleblower but you can tell they really think he's a ninny. RTE newsreaders have a special face for him, the same one they use for Jackie Healy Rae and Willie O'Dea.

The Indo just ran this piece this morning which for some reason I can't put my finger on was again phrased in a way that I know they want the rest of us to smirk.

WHISTLEBLOWER Tom Gilmartin has now alleged that two former Fianna Fail Taoisigh, Albert Reynolds and Bertie Ahern, took bribes from Cork developer Owen O'Callaghan and that the late Charles Haughey threatened him that he would end up in the "f***ing Liffey" unless he kept his mouth shut.

As the 73-year-old businessman continues to defend his claims of corruption in Dublin in the 1980s and 1990s he told the Tribunal yesterday of how his granny had saved his father's life by throwing herself in front of a firing squad.

His father, he said, had four 1916 medals and had done his bit for his country, but was to be executed at his own house by a General McKeown, whose side he fought on in 1916.

"In true good Irish fashion he was taken out of his house by his own and put up against a wall to be shot" Mr Gilmartin said.

"General McKeown was from the West but my father's mother threw herself in front of my father and then they took him away and he wound up in the Curragh for a few years.

"He didn't believe in fighting for the country for a shower of shysters to run it and rip off the people of Ireland" Mr Gilmartin added.

I don't know... I think that last bit should be a front page headline. Isn't it the truth?

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