24 Mar 2008

I wrote a piece in the Tribune a week or two ago criticising the media for failing to tackle the local authority mess in general and planning matters in particular in any meaningful way (click on the link at the bottom of this section).

Case in point. In the past few days a couple of newspapers have run with a story about how the Garda had interviewed all of Waterford’s County Councillors about a suspected case of planning corruption. The way these pieces are written, especially the one in the Times (‘…informed sources…’ etc.), you’d be forgiven for thinking that the councillors were engaged en masse in a gigantic rezoning conspiracy. What, I’m sure, must be very irritating to the decent elected officials of Waterford and elsewhere whose reputations are sullied every time stuff like this is published is that the alleged Councillor-of-interest in this case is allegedly in Australia and hasn’t been spoken to.

There are better stories than the Dungarvan situation doing the rounds, so who’s spinning here? And why?

Coincidentally, the Minister is, apparently about to commence a review of whether recent rezonings in Waterford County are in line with national policy…


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