24 Mar 2008

Exlusive pic from Charlie Byrd's latest river epic
Can you see Brian Dobson and Charlie Byrd in the following scenario? Now that would be cool (stick with it to the end):

On a related topic, I’d be interested in hearing your views on something I can’t make my mind up about. I’m toying with the idea of changing the format from the current ‘newsletter’ to a more traditional ‘blog’ with fancier graphics, embedded video clips and links to other websites. Good move, do you think? Or should I leave things alone?


A propos nothing in particular, I got this lovely email from Barry McKinley:

‘25 years ago I worked on the restoration of a Hector Guimard apartment in Paris and at the time I wondered why the pipe-work and conduits were run across the ceiling, at the entrance, destroying a beautiful Art Nouveau plaster-scape.  It was explained to me that, at the turn of the twentieth century, if you had all the modern amenities of the time you wanted everyone to know about it:  "We have a flush toilet.  Come listen to the noise it makes…" 


The Unofficially Former Teesh, Bertie, recently defended the pay and benefits package he receives by suggesting that he’d be making twice as much if he were working in the private sector. Doing what, I wonder?

And this business of him being in someway considered for the new position of two-year titular head of the EU is an additional good reason to vote no in the upcoming referendum. If the people of Drumcondra feel comfortable in returning Bertie to Dail Eireann as their representative, that’s their right. That this should somehow translate into him becoming our Prime Minister points to a flaw in our system – if put to the national vote, I can’t imagine someone with such little to offer pulling support outside his own patch.

But how Bertie being Teesh of one of the smallest countries in the EU should somehow, as is being suggested by some, qualify him for the most senior position in Europe is absolutely beyond me. Besides hustling a few votes in north Dublin, what has he actually done? Has anyone read anything meaningful that he’s written? Can anyone recall a speech he’s given which resonated in anyway? Can he speak another language? Is he read in any particular area? Is he a man of insight? Intellect? Introspection? Expertise? Has he, who let his personal secretary die of public humiliation at the Mahon tribunal this week rather than stand up like a man and take it himself, got any back bone? Does he see his position as the person chosen to represent the best interests of our country as little more than an excuse to go on the Late Late Show and eulogize boy bands?


Why we shouldn’t get overly carried away in predicting global warming catastrophes

If we had Bulgarian Idol, I would definitely be a fan

When my friends told me that English people get up to this kind of thing, I didn’t believe them. Thank god 1916 happened:

Walrus dancing, on the other hand, is strangely cool:

If you haven't already checked out the most sensible proposal so far made to solve Dublin's transportation problem , go to:
A woman walks into the living room where her husband is lying on the sofa watching the football.

‘Honey,’ she says ‘do you notice anything different about my appearance?’
‘You have a new dress.’

She says no. 
‘You have new shoes.’

She says no.
‘You have a new hair do.’

She says no.
‘I give up,’ says the husband.'
‘I’m wearing a gas mask.’

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