7 May 2008

Some folks are speculating that Biffo is bad news for Fine Gael’s hopes of getting back into office anytime soon. But I don’t agree.


The problem everyone had in dealing with Bertie was that he was such a slippery customer - a ducker and a diver – nothing ever stuck to him.


Biffo, on the other hand, is inclined to stand his ground. Which isn’t, necessarily, a great skill to have in politics. It’s fine if you have ideas you truly believe in, policies you know will work and a grasp of how to implement things. But with health care in ribbons, the economy looking like it’s out of steam and the planning system a mess, plus the fact that you happen to be the leader of Fianna Fail and, therefore, genetically inclined (ever since George Colley’s and Des O’Malley’s genes left the pool) to keep things muddling along the way they've always muddled along, a Bertielike ability to slip into the shadows whenever things get a little sticky is a handy trick to have.


Plus, Apparently some senior opposition people are clear in their assessment that Biffo can be rattled. Now, I'm betting Leo fancies a go. Varadkar and Biffo in Celebrity Death Match – that would be extremely cool. 



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