7 May 2008

Does anyone know anything about a situation in Wicklow where a man is looking for planning permission to build a house but has run into trouble on the ‘local need’ requirement because the local authority don’t really believe he’s separated from his wife?


Tell me this isn’t true.


I wonder how you word the Further Information request on something like that – ‘to assist the local authority in arriving at a decision on this matter you are instructed to submit six transcripts of a recent ferocious argument between you and your ex which will include details of the unsustainability of your relationship…’


(If the couple at the centre of this happen to come across this posting, please don’t take offence. I’m not trying to make light of your situation.)


If anyone has more light to shed on this situation, info@garrymiley.com


And by the way, do you remember in a recent posting I ran a coupel of weeks ago about an allegation that a planning applicant had been forced to pay a six figure sum to ‘persuade’ a third party to drop an Appeal to An Bord Planala? Well it turns out to be absolutely true, as reported a few weeks back in the Kerryman.




Again, if anyone has the inside track on this I'm ready to listen.

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