19 May 2008

Builders. Sorry as we all feel for you now that you’re not printing money building shabby little houses, take heart because things could be worse.


You could be doing some renovation work for Jennifer Lopez.


A story currently going around the internet involves a contractor employed to do a makeover on Lopez’s place in New York. Apparently the poor chap’s mother was/is terminally ill. Because contractor and his mom’s time together was likely to be brief, they decided to make the contractor’s fiftieth birthday into a special family occasion.


Meanwhile, some problem or other had developed at the Lopez building site and someone made a call to the contractor - during his poignant family get-together. In full knowledge of the life-moment importance of the situation, the Lopez people demanded the contractor attend a site meeting forthwith. Disappointingly, rather than suggesting a problem-concealing-use for the entertainer’s renowned derriere, the contractor did as he was told.

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