22 May 2008

Finally, the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland (the august body of which I’m proud to say I am a member (apart from the ‘royal’ bit)) is growing liathróidí (I don’t mean you, John, you always had them. And you, Joe. And you, Seán).

In a recent email, it invited members to assist in a survey of how the planning application isn’t working. Judging from the questions (how bad would you rate your experience with County X? Bad? Awful? All the Alprazolam in the HSE wouldn’t get you over it?) I have an idea what kind of results the Institute is expecting to find. And judging from the conversations I’ve been having with colleagues, architects are about to serve up the expected results with relish. I’m looking forward to it immensely.

If you haven’t done your bit already, lads, get onto it before the closing date. It’s a real opportunity to let the authorities know what we think of them.      

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