30 May 2008


Have you heard about this? I’m told its the Godshonesttruth. Apparently some TV company in the States had an ad out in one of the trade magazines looking for young doctors to volunteer to carryout their very first surgery on TV in a new reality show called ‘Virgin Surgeon’.


There was real tragedy at the recent Kentucky Derby where the only filly in the field, Eight Belles, broke both ankles after crossing the line in second place and had to be euthenised. Hilary Clinton had declared support for Eight Belles before the race began. The winner was a horse called Big Brown.  


County Cork is trying to block access to my site. Or at the very least, they're trying to prevent my email updates from getting through to various officials and councillors. However, this isn't stopping the people whom the County is trying to protect from my evil missives from reading it anyway and sending me emails about what's going on. Mainly dissatisfaction amongst some about how pre-planning consultations are being handled. Oh, and conservation.

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