30 May 2008

I used to be a James Dean fan in my youth. So, not having watched Rebel Without A Cause for many’s the year, I popped the DVD into the player the other week for a sweet trip down memory lane.

Mistake. Thirty seconds after the overacting ham's mug appears on the screen, I’m thinking ‘this kid’s father should kick him out of the house…’ Dean's a blouse.

And as for David Bowie. What a freaky old b he really is. Lately I can't watch him withouth thinking of Cliff Richard for some reason.

Anyway, if you too have had the ‘childhood heroes fading’ experience, you’ll enjoy these two 'diet Australians' – The Flight Of The Conchords. My American chums tell me they’re all the rage over there: Letterman, etc. And if you enjoy this clip (a spoof of the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘West End Girls’ except better), check out the video of them doing ‘Bowie In Space’ live. Sooooperb.

'... your favourite jersey is covered in lint...' ! Soooperb.

Have a nice weekend.

Waterford and Clare!

May the best team make the lads in blue look like a pick up cricket team! 

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