4 Jun 2008

Here’s a secret that’s now so well known throughout South Tipperary it’s hardly worth keeping it from the rest of you.

Apparently, there’s a private investigator snooping around Council offices looking into variety of unusual planning situations.

Its all related to that story from a few months back where a convent in Clonmel Cashel (sorry, my careless error) gave the Council some land but only on the condition that it remain an amenity for the community. For reasons no one really fully understood, the Council proceeded to rezone the land to permit commercial development, increasing its value to the power of n. Very few people were happy.

Well, apparently, one of the unhappy parties  in the complicated affair has hired a private eye -someone with a serious reputation from previous high profile unpleasantnesses - to get to the bottom of things. He’s been talking to quite a few people including developers and planning officials. When I find out more I'll let you know.

And, by the way, I've decided to start placing ads in local newspapers to encourage people to contact me with local planning anomolies/situations/wrongdoings/unfairnesses, etc. First up is Carlow.  

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