12 Jun 2008

I'm bummed that my close friend and video artist Dimitri De Butleir was tragically running out of camera batteries when he caught me in an act of spontanaiety yesterday, making it look like I'm an unusually slow roller.

And also that he spliced out the supremely cool part where the LAPD had just threatened me with ADD LPRR for yelling 'COPS SUCK!' after they (the cops) had been giving an unnecessarily hard time to some tightropewalkers for strapping their lines to some date palms. How was I supposed to know the date palms were Historic? 

Everybody deserves to live at least a part of their life in New York. And I will forever thank The Lord that he let it happen to me. 

But, on the other hand,  soneone once said that, if the world were a big bag and you turned that bag on its side, the bits that fall out are Los Angeles. Well, I'm something that falls out of a bag.

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