19 Jun 2008

If you are having a frustrating or difficult time on a planning application; if you feel you are being treated unfairly by the planning authority; or if you think that the Council is being in any way unreasonable with you on a planning matter, email me in complete confidence at info@garrymiley.com or go to my website at www.garrymiley.com 

Since then the Clare Champion appears to have declined as well. They didn’t contact me about it or anything, they just simply didn’t run the ad.


I've also sent the ad to the Clare People: now, it may be that my email didn’t reach the classifieds section in time, but the ad didn’t appear in the People’s Tuesday edition.  Interestingly, this did however.



So the Ombudsman’s money is good but not mine, I take it.


After I posted on this topic last week I mentioned that I got emails from people saying that the local papers depend so much on the local authorities for revenue that they are very unlikely to run something which would offend a good client.


And then Cllr. Cionnaith Ó Súilleabháin of Cork County Council added another twist to the situation: he feels quite sure that a press release he put out on Monday was ignored by his local media because he was criticising a prolific ad-taking developer. It was like this: a builder in Clonakilty had blocked up a section of public path with a hoarding. In response to complaints from numerous irate citizens, Cllr. Ó Súilleabháin raised the matter with various officials. Nothing happened. Finally he put out a statement – the kind of thing you would normally expect to find in the local paper – to try to provoke some kind of response. Nobody would publish it.

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