20 Jun 2008

Person of the Week

Madelaine Taylor Quinn

While I was rummaging around in the latest edition of the Clare People to see if they'd run my little planning ad, I couldn’t help but notice some pretty informed and plucky coverage on planning matters in general. I was particularly impressed with journalist Claire Gallagher’s handling of the anarchy in Kilrush. By all accounts it’s not an easy story to cover: there’s talk going around that a recent threat to a local businessman was taken so seriously that the Emergency Response Unit was called in.

Amongst the People’s more interesting stories was a case where two brothers from Corofin had each applied for planning permission to build houses for themselves. One received planning permission. The other didn’t. Apparently, because Brother Number 2 had spent some time in Dublin he didn’t qualify as a local.

Meanwhile, elsewhere the People told of a Dublin business man who managed to have the 'local' rules suspended for his application for a large family house somewhere outside Ennis.

Oh, then there was something about a gentleman who wanted €550,000 to withdraw an objection to an Board Planala. I thought we were still pretending this kind of thing didn't happen but following the news of a similar situation in Kerry a couple of months ago I guess it's no longer taboo.

And then there was this. Planorexia.

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