15 Jul 2008

Oh, I was going to write some snippy stuff about godknowswhat planning situation when I suddenly thought that I was so fed up with all the bad news going around lately I just didn’t feel like adding to it.. ‘Write something,’ I said ‘that puts everyone in a good mood.’ So hear here (God, you're all so picky!) goes.

Apparently, in some town in Southern California there’s an annual tradition of, em, mooning the passengers of passing commuter trains. The tradition began as a dare, I don’t know, ten or fifteen years ago and was commemorated the following year by a small few. Its popularity grew and grew (this is one of these posts where just about every word you write has another meaning) with each passing year and at its most recent commemoration this weekend gone by, a crowd of 8,000 people showed up to stand in a mile long line mooning the suburban trains which passed by at twenty minute intervals. The revellers, many of them ordinary middle class, middle aged folk who had travelled out to the event from suburban Los Angeles and were ‘new’ to mooning, told reporters how liberating an experience it was. Train passengers also said they made a point of riding the train on anniversary day so that, even thought they hadn’t got the nerve to moon themselves, they could in some way participate in the spectacle.

Unfortunately, this year’s event made the news for the wrong reasons. When some of the participants decided to moon more than just their derrieres, the train riders cried foul, and that’s when the cops moved in. The mood turned sour as the police tried to bring things to an end. The mooners went down fighting, however, battling to save a tradition as they lowered their pants even as they were being arrested.

Just the kind of thing we need in Ireland right now to get us back in a good mood. So who’s up for starting a new tradition? And where will it be – Luas or Dart?

I'm feeling generous - I'll just throw this in for good measure. We all know someone who thinks this is really a good idea.

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