2 Sep 2008

This, from the Sunday Business Post, is quite interesting. In brief, a Dublin developer, Bill Doyle, apparently agreed to build a new stadium for Drogheda United just outside the town and across the border in County Meath as part of a larger development which would have included 2,500 residential units. Doyle spent a lot of money acquiring the land on the assurances of the relevant authorities that development of the type he had in mind would be permitted. However, under the terms of a recently circulated local area plan, Doyle’s expensively acquired lands have been designated for ‘light industrial’ and ‘open space’ uses only – in other words, there will be no apartments, no houses, and no stadium. Threats of legal action, etc.,... but who cares? That’s not the interesting part.

The interesting part is that in some way related to this situation Fine Gael TD, Shane McEntee, has written to the Minister for the Environment seeking a review of all planning decisions made in County Meath during the last ten years. (!) And Dick Roche is in some way involved (innocently naturally).

Anybody know what this is about? Are we talking crooked Councillors, crooked officials, or both? And I shall be very cross if I find out that Dispatch readers from the Kings County have been sitting on this one and keeping me out of the loop.

Here’s the full story:


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