4 Sep 2008

'As an actual feminist, I have the great good joy of getting to determine what is and isn’t sexist. Sexist: Asking whether Sarah Palin shouldn’t be staying home with her baby and her other children. Not sexist: Pointing out that Sarah Palin is an utter twit.'

Rebecca Schoenkopf  LA City Beat

Four minutes into Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech in Minnesota and I had to remind myself that this woman wasn’t auditioning for the part of ‘Schoolteacher – Attractive – Early Middle Age’ on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody – which she’d be perfect for – but for the second biggest job on the planet: a job that, given John McCain’s age and the fact that his wife has already had an airplane-piloting malfunction (not to mention her other malfunctions too many to mention) she (Palin) could eventually find her self doing.

If you want an accurate appraisal of why I don’t thing she’s qualified for the job, here it is: there’s too much of the Fianna Fail Front Bench about her – something of the Willie O’Dea, yet slightly more convincing; something of the Mary Coughlin, yet slightly less authoritative; something of the Dick Roche, but not as oily.

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