28 Oct 2008

Oh, my little SADDs sufferers, staring desperately into an earlier than usual dark-and-dreary season on an (after the summer we’ve had) empty tank – I’m in toasty warm Spain! lounging on a sleek terrazzo terrace and looking at the late evening sun through a balloon glass filled with something red and tasty, wondering whether I should abandon the whole idea of standing in next year’s Irish local elections and just run down here (i.e. Spain) instead…

… for the Communists. Seriously. There are enough planning issues in this part of the world to last an entire sunfilled, 25 deg C, Rioja pickled career. And don’t ask me why it’s so, but being on the extreme left is absolutely okay in Spain, way more okay than it is even in France. And, d’you know, all I’ve ever wanted out of life was to be warm, sozzled and on the extreme, extreme left… 

That’s not to say everything about our holiday is idyllic. Our nearest neighbours, a spiritedly amorous young couple by day, have been playing out some heavy domestic situations by night. These scenarios are characterised by the launching of tremendously heavy and expensive flower pots from their upper floor terrace, the same typically landing with thunderous cracking sounds on the terracotta paving two floors below, the enervating drama continuing until one of the participants grows tired or both run out of flower pots to toss. Sadly, the cops arrived last night and took them both away in a van. Now we’re worried that we won’t survive the evening without the excitement to which we’ve have grown accustomed.

But what I wanted to know was this: is it true that the whole of Dublin is buzzing about the new ‘reversible’ roof which architecture aficionado, Bono (he declared Tadao Ando ‘a God’ of design, or something, not too long ago (which can only mean there’s a seat in Heaven for us all)) is proposing for his gaff in Killiney? It’s reminding me that there was something I was meaning to tell you all: I think I heard that Bono arrived at that same Tadao Andao bash, which was attended by the entire Faux-Frugal Carbon Neutral Set, on Norman Foster’s helicopter. (Allegedly, and so on and so forth). 

When it comes to Bono, I'm with Biffo. 

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