23 Dec 2008

Just a planning quickie. In these days when the last thing you expect to find in a local authority planning office is a planning application, Tipp South recently invalidated a planning application because there was a teenie weenie typo in the newspaper ad.

Meanwhile, did you know that it’s the nvironmentalists who are screwing up the environment? Yes, my little green kittens, you’re the ones warming up the planet! See those solar panels you’re so fond of? In their manufacture, they use a gas called NF3 which, when released into the atmosphere, is 13,000 times more greenhousey than CO2!

And, apparently (I’m reverting to serious tone now), some of the gas, which is supposed to be 100% sucked up into containers when no longer in use, is actually getting into the atmosphere. I heard an American college professor on the radio last week say that as much as 10 to 20% of NF3 used in solar panel, plasma screen and iPod production goes unrecovered. NF3 use wasn’t widespread during Kyoto, so it wasn’t referred to in the original agreements. Users are supposed to self regulate (pause for a !), but the professor estimated that the total amount of NF3 getting into the environment right now is the equivalent (in its ability to do damage) of one medium sized coal fired power generator. Apparently, most solar panels are currently made in Germany. When the Chinese start making them, we’re fried.    

I’m a sucker for this kind of thing…

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