6 Mar 2009

Planning purists, forgive me if I return to a topic which you've already said has no place on my blog, but Maire Hoctor gives me haemorrhoids.


Nobody wants to be needlessly rude, but the time for niceties is over. We just simply can't afford to have the likes of Hoctor in positions of responsibility. Quite apart from anything else, its insulting.  

By the way, does anyone know who this Kingkane guy (the poster of the video) is? If anyone has an email address, I'd be greatly obliged. He sounds young enough to cause trouble.

Thursday, March 12, 2009 9:30:23 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Garry, I am seething at just having witnessed (one of) our junior minister's blatherings on your YouTube clip. I live on the Loop Head peninsula, in my fifties and with children. Along with many others hereabouts I am very fearful for the scenario if any of the population is involved in either a land or sea-based accident when an ambulance will have to travel here in an emergency (approximately 1 hour) and travel to Limerick (proposed centre of excellence) to an A&E centre which is, at best, overstretched and a worst a complete disaster. This is what we face here should the Ennis Hospital downgrading happen as is envisaged. This scenario is further exacerbated by your astute observations about the success of the Nenagh protestations.

I know it's unrelated but earlier on Today FM I heard our Tánaiste re-iterate her statement that the proposed €3000 raise for those Teachta Dála's with 7 years (long!!) service is their ENTITLEMENT! On what fucking (oops) planet do these people live? I have just broken the news to my long serving staff (between 5 and 10 years) that their ENTITLEMENT in the very near future for their valued work is social welfare benefit.
Tom Byrne
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