8 May 2009

Dermot Gleeson’s departure from AIB last week reminds me that Bilderberg season is almost upon us - Gleeson along with Attorney General, Paul Gallagher, were our representatives at last year’s event near Washington DC. This year, the international banking community will attempt to influence well placed, second rate intellects from ‘open economies’ at their meeting in Athens due to take place on the 14th of this month. I’m curious to see which Irish people will be included on this year’s list of invitees. There’s nobody on the boards of the banks worth asking and yet, even though we’re a very small customer, as one of the spots on the planet most reliant on some new global financial ponzi scheme to get us out of our mess, they need some Irish bodies in the conference room. The question is: who? These are my guesses: Peter Bacon and someone with a high-up back room position at the Irish Times. I’m no conspiracy theorist – if the disillusionatti want to meet and greet in Greece it’s alright with me. So long as no one from the Irish Government is there. 

The important news outlets (New York Times, et al) agree never to cover Bilderberg meetings and the lesser news organisations – the Irish ones, for example (except the Irish Times) – have no idea what it is, so don’t expect the names of the Irish attendees to be reported on the SixOne News. We’ll have to wait for their identities to be leaked on the whacky-fringey internet sites, which is always kind of fun. And, then, later that same week we have Eurovision! Its like The Rapture for agnostics.

With all the Chelsea/Barca/Drogba drama of earlier in the week, you might have missed this:

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