19 May 2009

Is it possible that the Bilderberg group really doesn’t control the planet afterall? In a year when they run the risk of having their Lisbon Treaty defeated by the Irish people for the second time and as the Irish Government displays an economic/managerial incompetence that will soon have average people storming Leinster House, who amongst Ireland’s elite did the Bilderbergers invite to Athens for their informal knees-up this weekend past? Former AIBman Dermot Gleeson! (For the second year in a row.) (Hope he cleaned that suit.) No Sir Anthony O’Reilly (I heard he once used to be Irish) and no one from the Irish Times invited to discuss ways in which the level of the Lisbon debate may be raised (by saying nasty things about Libertas) in their respective media orgs prior to the vote.

Anyway, still a bit giddy after my moment of madness in Nenagh, I had half a thought to go down to Athens myself and join all the ding-bats of Europe in a bit of girly civil disobedience. By all accounts that would not have been a great move. Last week, in an attempt to prove that the Bilderberg group are a harmless bunch of international financiers and attorneys general and that you’d have to be a right Fr. Horan to think otherwise, the Guardian of London sent some young comedian called Charlie Skelton to the conference location near the Greek capitol. His self confessed aim was to poke light hearted fun at the claim-they’re-lefties-sound-like-fascists anti-Bilderberg lunatics as they blow whistles and chant the Lords Prayer backwards through bullhorns outside the Astir Palace Hotel. Things didn’t turn out as he had planned. Within minutes of his arrival in Athens Skelton had been picked up the Greek police three times. By Friday it was clear from his reports that he was having a fully fledged, unscheduled nervous breakdown. Followed by shadowy figures everywhere he went, convinced that people were searching his hotel room when he wasn’t there and, when confronted by Greek security types, reduced to paranoid blubbering, Skelton ended up seeking help from America’s foremost subversive, Alex Jones, before making his surreptitious way to the safety of the British Embassy.

When it comes to being civilly disobedient, I prefer to do it with a laptop and a glass of red wine.


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