10 Jun 2009

I need a little help on something. While interviewing Brian Cowen on the radio last week, George Hook asked the Taoiseach why, instead of fooling citizens into believing that supporting bad banks is a patriotic thing to do, the Government didn’t just let Anglo Irish go to the wall? And, in reply, the Taoiseach said something to the effect of ‘… because European rules say we're not allowed to…’.

My question is simple – is this true? I’ve tried looking for the answer myself on various EU websites but, just as it was with the Lisbon Treaty, the experience makes me feel dim, euphoric and giddy all at the same time – a bit like Patrick on Sponge Bob. (Actually, before I settled on the Patrick analogy I just used there a second ago, I was going to make a reference to Charlie McCreevy and his ‘you’d want to be mad to read the Lisbon Treaty’ comments from last year. Obviously, something deep in my subconscious is making a connection between Charlie McCreevy and Patrick from Sponge Bob. Uncanny. (Also, does anyone know if, in a previous career, McCreevy was the person who voiced the lines ‘There is no dark side of the moon. As a matter of fact it’s all dark’ on the eponymous Pink Floyd album of the 70s? The voice isn’t quite right, but the mentality is captured exquisitely.))  

Anyway… now that Declan Ganley has said it won’t be him, who’s going to step up to the plate and save us from the ‘you might think you’re voting for greater democracy in Europe but, instead, you’re helping banks increase that uncomfortable hold on your throat ’ inspired Lisbon Two? Ganley was on to something for a while, but I think if he’d stayed in Galway and focussed his energies on getting the Irish people to more fully understand his message instead of forging alliances with folks from unusual parts of the Continent so unknown to us that the pro Treaty media could mispresent their characters any way it liked, he would have obliterated Lisbon Two last weekend.

Richard Boyd Barrett, perhaps?

Despite the Irish Times’ desperation to have us believe that, unlike the last time round, this time their opinion polls showing that the Treaty will be supported are accurate, my gut feeling is that a combination of (a) increasing awareness that support for the FF government is irrational and, therefore, absurd + (b) Joe Higgins + (c) Sinn Fein’s heavy first preference vote getting in Leinster and Munster + (d) The People Before Profit folks suddenly emerging in Dublin + (e) Ganley’s natural 70,000 constituency in the North West, will all mean that we’ll be facing a Lisbon Three this time next year (if the banking system hasn’t collapsed the in meantime, in which case the Lisbon Treaty won’t be necessary (because its got nothing to do with you or me feeling any sense of 'ownership' of the 'Great European Experiment')). 


Thursday, June 11, 2009 7:19:52 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
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