23 May 2008


La maison de mes rêves

Garry donne son avis sur les deux constructions, parle de la maison de ses rêves et commente les erreurs que Richard a commises.

Sometimes days suck...

But sometimes they don’t!

Like, for example days when you find out that a TV series you presented is being broadcast in France and being well received!

Yep, kittens, this is the news I received today to make it not suck: Ultimate House is going out in France on the popular Naxco Channel 99 during the coveted lunchtime slot! (middle of the night repeats).


Obviously, the deal happened so quickly that Keith didn’t get a chance to let me know personally, but I’m sure if I’m due some French lucre he’d eventually get round to giving me a call.

Anyway, I found out about my Gallic celebrity status when the French version of the TV Guide – Le Canular – emailed me for an interview. How could I say non?

They agreed to send on their questions in writing… Here’s a sampling.

Hello Garry. Thank you to speak with Le Canular, the principal weekly magazine of celebrity of the TV of France! First it is okay to ask some provocative questions to inform your viewers of France? Good. Let the games commence!

Do you visit France sometimes?

Have you the pleasure to look sometimes at French television?

At what level of appreciation is the reality-TV of France in America? With approval, or to the contrary? Have you the pleasure to watching the reality-TV sensation of the recent époque en France – ‘Je t’aime: moi non plus’?. Give your opinion of this addition to the global development of the genre – for example the possibility for impact on values of productions in Hollywood?

'La Maison De Mes Reves'(Garry interjecting – that’s the French title for ‘Ultimate House’) reveals residences which are situate in Japan and those of which are situate in the United States. Discuss, for example, perhaps the residences of Japan are a true representation of the avante garde? Perhaps the houses of the United States a representation a materiel expectations? What is your assessment?

Thank you Garry.

(If you want, you can choose to answer out questions in French or in English. If you choose in English, please to know that a translation will be given and it will be okay.)  

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