29 Nov 2006

By the way, I’ve also been contacted by others – mainly architects and developers – who feel, like Jim Connolly, that their planning applications are being singled out for poor treatment. Architectural practises, some of them highly regarded within the profession, in the south east, the west, the south midlands and Dublin have contacted me to say that – when they compare their rates of refusals and requests for further information against published statistics – they are sure that their success rates are on the wrong side of the average. 

I’ve come across some evidence, including unfavourable opinions of architectural practises written down by planning officials and available on the public record, to suggest that ‘targeting’ is really happening. 

The planning authorities are not a police force, they are not a court of law and they should have no opinions regarding the people lodging planning applications. All applications should be judged on their merits. Favouring an application because it happens to be lodged by a ‘flavour of the month architect’ is prejudicial.

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