11 Dec 2007

While the tape of the Minister confessing to having a chronic cocaine addiction may have gone missing, the above route map found on the alleged airline pilot mentioned in High Society was a little incriminating.

(Btw, does any know if it’s the same guy who made the unscheduled stop-off in the Bahamas?)
I’m way above the power of TV commercials to influence my spending habits but, on the other hand, I’m pretty sure I’d like this beer.

Well, I completely agree with you - we have just got to have a competition.

This is what we’re going to do. You and three friends are going to videotape yourselves doing the dance routine from the commercial, then you’re going to send it in to me and I’ll put it up on the Dispatch.

Don’t worry, there will be an overall winner. But you have to submit your entry in one of the following sub categories:

People Who Got Married Just So They Could Escape Their Birth Name (eg. Rose Webb, née Rosie O’Grady)

  • Councillors Who Are Always Angry (John Gilligan)
  • Planners Who Are Too Tall But This Doesn’t Stop Them Doing Awful Elvis Impressions (John Cronin, Paddy Matthews)
  • People Who Don’t Realize That The Rest Of Us Know They Secretly Think They’re Really Brilliant Dancers (Michael Maher)
  • People Who Are Otherwise Boring (eh…. well, nevermind)
  • Middle Aged Bears – Gay or Straight (that’s the rest of you)

I’m absolutely serious about this. And to prove it, I’m going to submit an entry of my own (Keith, charge the batteries on the old DigiBetaMax 16:9 Secam DV HD DV. I’m coming over). And I’ll see if I can find a sponsor to come up with a prize.

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