12 Nov 2007

It was back in the early 90s, so the details of the story are kind of hazy. Anyway, DJ Casey Casum was recording America's Top Forty and was stumbling over an intro to the latest U2 single, whatever it was at the time. In the course of his frustration, Casum apparently used some expletives and said something to the effect that he thought U2 were an English band.


Casum’s out-takes somehow made their way to a super-indie, everything-sucks, anti-everything band called Negativland who were doing the college circuit at the time and who’s trademark was ‘sound collage’. Negativland sampled Casum’s stumblings on their new single which they called ‘U2’.


U2’s record company went nuts and demanded that all copies of Negativland’s single be handed over to them. There were court cases and all the rest of it.


Negativeland (who had no money to begin with) ran up serious legal bills.


When asked afterwards how the fees would be paid, Negativeland’s singer said ‘pro bono’.

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