12 Mar 2007

I feel betrayed by you all.

The 2nd annual Irish Blog Awards were held March 3rd in Dublin and I…  well, I wasn’t nominated.

I held on till the last minute to see if my name had come up and then when it didn’t I tried (how embarrassing is this to admit) to figure out a way to nominate myself without it being obvious that it was just me nominating me.

Paul and Deirdre were very kind to offer to nominate me, but only after I broke down sobbing in their kitchen. 

Anyway, 2008 isn’t that far away. Here’s the address – you can put it in your diary. http://awards.ie/blogawards/  

In the meantime, you can stop worrying. I’ll get over it.

The response to last week’s competition was pathetic. Only one snotty email from a public service employee. Useless it was, too. Something about a driver’s license which was so tedious I ended up feeling sorry for the poor council official and had to break for a nap.

This week’s competition is validations. I need say no more. Last week’s prize (the six week’s holiday in Australia for your serial objector neighbour is being held over until we have our winner).

 In the meantime, have fun with this:


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