16 May 2008


I’m still a little nervous about this whole idea of posting ‘comments’… maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, I hear you say... but what am I supposed to do if I start to attract Forum Freaks?


A couple of weeks ago I heard that something I’d written about that fake planning investigation in Waterford was being (air quotations) discussed on Politics.ie, so I checked it out. Man, was it an education. These two guys ‘Apparatchik’ (does anyone know who this guy is? Oh dear. I’ll say a prayer) and ‘DeepThroat’ (oh dear as well) are scratching each others eyes out in a frenzy of paranoia about a situation which wasn’t really happening. Seriously spooky vibe, I’m telling you. If one day Sky News reports bodies have been found buried in these guys’ back gardens, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. 


But anyway... Waterford. A month ago the (air quotations) media were going mad about a breaking story of planning corruption in The Deise. Getting the whole thing muddled up (because they were probably mislead), The Independent and The Times reported that all of the County’s Councillors were being interviewed about some proposed rezonings outside Dungarvan which the Minister was about to review for possible irregularities. 


Well, last Monday Waterford County Council approved the controversial rezonings (with some modifications). It was relatively unremarkable, except that one Dungarvan based Fine Gael Councillor was absent for the vote. In a follow up, a local radio station reported that the Minister had no intention of pursuing the matter any further.


All we need to know now is, who made this whole thing up and what were they hoping to achieve?

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