7 Feb 2008

It seems like every gas bag in the country swung a junket to the US for the primaries. If nothing else, it seems to have cured them of their habit of referring to LA as Los Angeleeze and Mar’lan as Mary Land. I noted the following:
Listening to RTE’s coverage of the Republican Primary in Florida the national broadcaster’s on the spot reporter was asked by the host back in Dublin if radio coverage ‘stateside’ was in anyway partisan. To which the reporter replied:

‘There is a local guy down here called Ross Lindberg who seems to be quite opinionated.’

The reporter must have been surprised to later discover that the American talk show host in question was, in fact, Rush Limbaugh – the most politically influential broadcaster on the planet.

Then Our Senior News Correspondent, Charlie Bird, urgently made his way to Alabama to report that it was so insignificant to Super Tuesday that neither Democratic front runner had made an appearance. 

Well, we all make mistakes.

Presidential hopeful shooting game

In news from around country:

Are all counties now requiring six copies of material to be submitted as part of an FI? Or only Limerick City? Is this in the Regs? Anybody tried challenging it?

One or two correspondents have commented about a planner in County Limerick. No one is prepared to talk, but if a certain exchange of correspondence is on a public file, I’ll post it.

A thing I wrote a while back concerning claims that certain applicants in South Tipp were being unfairly targeted by the planners might be about to go legal. No one is prepared to talk. Any info?

And there are continuing stories that disproportionately high numbers of middle ranking planners have been forced to move counties or, indeed, out of the local authority system entirely due to harassment from seniors and colleagues. I’m still working on a way to bring you news of that other situation in the South East where, for some reason, a chair travelled during a meeting á la Fergusson/Beckham.

But I will have information about some Greystones style nonsense going on in Carrig-On-Suir next time round.  





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