3 Jun 2008

According to Sunday’s Indo, there’s a good chance the U2/McFoster Tower won’t be going ahead after all and, like everyone else in the world, I’m okay with that.

Except that there is a bit of a downside. With its probable demise, people will now be less likely to ponder just how unprofessional, questionable, dodgy, muddled and public-money-wasting the ten year McDrama has been. When it was a hot issue a few months back, I felt tempted into lobbing a Freedom of Information request into the DDDA offices to try to get to the bottom of it all, but with the McFoster now not likely to materialise, who’d be interested? And, anyway, unless you already know exactly which documents you want to see and which folders they are in, the bureaucrats will invariably find ways to steer you way clear of the facts (funny how bureaucrats will always find ways to outfox the likes of you and me when we’re looking for information, but never the Sean Dunnes or the Johnny Ronans when it comes to negotiating deals.) 

The other downside is that the non development of the Tower will take the sting out of any possible criticism of what’s actually been going on in the DDDA for the past ten or so years – how flexible and accommodating its development plan can be when it suits, how its planning decisions are made and, most importantly, how COMPLETELY UNACCOUNTABLE to anyone the Authority really is. If the ordinary Irish had a handle on what's going on down there, there’d be rioting on the streets.

If I thought there was a market for it, I'd have a go at writing up the DDDA story. I might do it anyway. 

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