5 May 2007

Many thanks to The Irish Rural Dwellers Association for inviting me down to their conference in Killarney last week. One of the most interesting discussions about planning in Ireland I’ve participated in in ages. Well… weeks – I was also lucky enough to speak at a planning related conference at WIT organised by the head of the architecture school there, Maire Henry. It, too, was fantastic. 

Haven’t had much of a chance to review the planning/environmental policies put out by the major parties in advance of the election. But I refer you back to Dispatch No 1 which had a piece about a PD paper on Rural Dwellings which includes the ludicrous suggestion that Local Authorities publish a ‘rate your architect’ thing based on planning success rates. The rest of the document is poor too. 

This week’s competition is after the click


The winner gets this: 

A UV tattoo. 

(Seriously. Does anyone know where you can get this done? I was thinking of having invisible abs tattooed onto my stomach before my summer holidays so that under the UV lights of the Ibiza dance clubs it would give me a bit more, eh… ‘definition’.

We’ll keep this one amongst ourselves, okay?)

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