15 Oct 2007

The headline refers to some Minister somewhere launching details of the design competition for the new Abbey Theatre in the Dublin Docklands. My advice to the Minister is: duck. After the debacle that was the U2 Tower competition of 2002 and then the announcement last week that a new design by Norman Foster had won some other kind of tax payer funded competition, if I were a Minister, I’d stay as far away from Dublin’s Docklands as Dublin’s useless transportation system will facilitate.

Media reports last week said that a new competition for the U2 site had been won by Norman Foster with the ‘stunning’ new design you see above.

The only stunning thing about Norman Foster is that thirty years after he was almost architecturally relevant, his buildings are still referred to in the Irish media as ‘stunning’. Crudely triangular, derivative, quickly rendered, deliberately showing only the night-time view because the details are too unresolved to be shown in regular daylight are the things that strike me as stunning about this iconic piece of iconography. Somebody with more power than me, please don’t let this happen.

If anyone knows the guys who put this together, can you tell me how to get in touch with them?

Don’t click on this if you’re easily offended. It’s just that Fox News are such a bunch of bible thumping blow hards, even the Reverend Ian Paisley would be forced to stifle a little chortle at this one:


If you were offended by the last piece, this might make you feel better:


Okay, kittens, Get Out of My Court!


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