17 Jan 2008

I missed Charlie Bird up the Ganges on RTE last week. But, guessing, I’d say he was overawed by its majesty, made friends with some locals and was overawed by their simplicity, traced the river to its source and was overawed to find it.


I hear next year he’s doing The Thames – he’ll be joined by George Lee and Tommy Gorman in a Three Men In A Boat type thing. They’ll dress up in oversized English public school uniforms and be strangely entertaining. Bivouacing on an island overnight, Charlie will ask the others ‘Lads. Where do babies come from?’ to which Gorman will reply ‘Shut up Bird.’ Lee is the sneaky one of the three: loves putting the boot into Bird, but ever fearful that he’ll one day become the target of Gorman’s vitriol. Joe Duffy always strikes me as the one who wants to join the gang but every time they let him in something goes wrong. He’s never nasty enough to Bird which gets up Gorman’s nose.


Charlie up the Ganges might have been good, but it’s never as good as this. This is the thing I was telling you about – THE BEST YOUTUBE TREAT I HAVE EVER SHARED WITH YOU. Pure class.



A few Dispatches ago I mentioned that Clare County Council were requesting ten copies of all forms and drawings for new planning applications when the regulations say six is enough. A correspondent tells me he flat out refused to give the Council the ten they were demanding and, guess what? They backed down.

Thanks to Dan O’Sullivan for the background on his planning application for which, after 17 months of additional information and clarifications, he finally received approval from Wicklow County Council. But not until he had written to the Council expressing his frustration at how long things were taking.


Shortly after granting approval and, perhaps, stung by the tone (and common sense) of his letter, the Council wrote to Dan expressing ‘surprise’ and ‘disappointment’ … that he should expect them to reach a decision within 17 months. It’s absolutely disgraceful.


Do you remember the candid camera treat I had for you two Dispatches ago with the bloke getting chased down a street? Well, apparently it’s a rip off – the original comes from Japan of course.




The first three minutes of this are okay, but the last part is just brilliant.



Nominations for the Irish Blog Awards have to be in by Friday, January 18th at noon. I dont want to grovel, but I have been having some self esteem issues lately and a nomination would give me the kind of cultural affirmation I need to get over them...




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