23 Jun 2008

I’m sorry, all you folks in Kilrush, Carrick-on-Suir, Carlow Town, Ballina and everywhere else embroiled in planning/local authority situations which have no prospect of being resolved – the Minister’s comments aren’t intended for you because your situation is 'local' and Ministers don’t get involved in local situations. On the other hand, Dartmouth Square – where some fruit is driving South Dublin residents insane by threatening to establish a car park on their leafy green while he waits to see how much he can extort from the Council on some lease-hold technicality – is in Rathmines, Dublin, so that makes it a national issue and therefore worthy of the Minister’s attention. The litter situation in Dartmouth Square is just so, so bad that, as the Irish Times reported Saturday, John Gormley just had to meet with Dartmouth Square residents sometime last week to allay fears:

People of Kilrush, I suppose the message here is: keep it real. If you want the Minister’s attention stop fussing over serious threats and menacing behaviour and anarchic scenes at Town Council meetings and all that kind of thing: its how overgrown and littered everything is that counts.


Oh, and remember last week I mentioned that the Public Accounts Committee is likely to give the Ballymun Regeneration €.5 billion overrun an easy time of it in its final report in September? Well both the Times and RTE ran lovely little infomercials for Ballymun Regeneration Ltd late last week. Here's the Times piece: http://www.ireland.com/newspaper/ireland/2008/0620/1213911839444.html


The Wicklow person who sent me a message on Saturday afternoon/evening, can you email me again please? I’ve tried replying to your email address but I keep getting failure messages.


Given all that’s being going on in County Clare in the past while, what with the new Kilrush Town Hall situation, the Clare County Councillors work to rule, the mayhem at the last Council meeting and so on, I was surprised (I shouldn’t be, I know) to see what the Irish Times a few days ago found worth reporting on from the Banner:

CLARE COUNTY Council has spent €750,000 acquiring a parcel of land for the upgrading of a railway project. The two acres of land and house are owned by John O'Connell (84), father of the Mayor of Clare, Cllr Patricia McCarthy (Ind). However, Cllr McCarthy absented herself from the decision…

A whole €750,000! Heavens above, aren’t they just pure mad in Clare.

This €750,000 Council transaction is hardly worth talking about unless it’s to make that obvious connection between the land owner and the Mayor and to gratuitously repeat (as the piece does) that Cllr. McCarthy absented herself from meetings involving the purchase as if to imply – I don’t know – something. This ain’t no story. Anybody know how it got in the IT when everything else is ignored?

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