6 Jul 2007

There’s all sorts of stuff going on in County Clare at the moment. Newly elected Mayor, Patricia McCarthy, has called for a full audit of planning decisions made in the county recently. It comes off the back of months of arguing in the council chambers where Councillors of all denominations have engaged in a pitched battle with Council officials (Manager and Director of Services, mainly) over who exactly controls the planning process. The real instigator is FF Cllr. PJ Kelly who has been quite relentless in his efforts and is backed up with a forensic knowledge of planning legislation and law (i.e. relevant court decisions).

The fracas, in my view, gets to the very core of what’s wrong with the planning system – elected local officials are given legislative powers to affect planning outcomes but are, at the same time, pushed aside by council personnel who see their own role in enforcing government guidelines as having greater importance. Something has to give.

TV when it used to be entertaining... 

I proudly present my finest work.(Before you all start getting smart, yes I did post it on YouTube myself but only because I wanted to show it to friends in the States.)  


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