16 Jun 2007

Cabinet member present themselves to President McAleese at Aras. Somehow Jackie Healy-Rae got an invite. Have fun figuring out who everyone else is.  

Here’s what I predict:


The Greens will split. The ‘Official Greens’ will be subsumed into the Prime Time/Boswells echo chamber. The Sopranos will push through all sorts of sticky infrastructural programmes during the life of the next Dail and the ‘Continuity Greens’ (serial objector Brendan McCann (maybe even An Taisce, eh?)) will be left on the picket lines without the support of their Official colleagues.



And a change at the top of the Sopranos, too. The Brooklyn wing (Jim McDaid, the back benchers passed over for promotion) will rub out any Official ‘Muesli Eating Wacko’ who gets in their way. 

Then Biffo will start having weird dreams (like the ones Tony had in series two with the talking fish) and realise that if he doesn’t start showing what he’s made of he may not automatically assume his position at the head of the family. Cue one of the best episodes ever – Biffo gruesomely snarls the entire Lenihan family into submission.

Seriously. The last ever series of The Sopranos has only just begun and I’m already in withdrawal. As Dr. Melfi (the mob shrink) advises Tony back in series three, I’m having problems separating my paranoid delusions of all sorts of corruption going on in Irish civic life from reality.
But you have to admit it is kind of a snug fit. The pretend negotiating team ordered in pizza to sustain their late night (8.00 p.m.) efforts, for cryin’ out loud. Biffo even looks like Tony Soprano (does anyone know if he wears one of those old fashioned sleeveless vests? Eh… actually, you know what? Forget I asked.).  

Seriously, seriously. Have you ever seen anyone as uncomfortable as Biffo was this week fielding questions about entering into coalition with the Greens? At one point if you were paying close attention after some hack asked: ‘Biff, how do feel about having Greens in the cabinet?’ you could actually lip read him saying ‘I’d rather go on Celebrity Jigs and Reels.’ 

Now that would be cool.

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