12 Nov 2007

Hi Garry

Congrats on the Planning Dispatches- I hope planners are taking note....

We were recently taken to An Bord Pleanala by some angry neighbours on a modest development of approximately 30 housing units in County X. As you may be aware, the Bord rarely meet the initial statutory period of 4 months to make a decision on an appeal, and we inevitably end up waiting 6 to 7 months for a direction.

The appeal in question started off in the usual manner, ie. 4 months followed by 2 months extension, but then started to take quite a strange course. When the date passed, I placed calls to the Bord to see if a decision had been made, but I received strange, non-standard replies from the them...

Anyway, a couple of weeks later a decision still hadn’t arrived and I received a call from the Bord asking me if I had a copy of our planning application. Naturally, being a somewhat professional organisation, we keep sets of all documentation on file and responded in the affirmative. They then proceeded to ask if we might be so good as to copy some of the application and send it to them. When asked why, they told me that X County Council had 'misplaced' the original site notice and newspaper advert and that the Bord could not make a direction until they had a copy of these documents on file.

Never one to let someone out of a difficult situation easily, I asked if the inspector had made their decision and if that decision was favorable to us.... they wouldn't respond. I asked that, if we hadn't kept a copy or if no copy could be found, what would then happen? To which they responded they didn't know...
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About a year ago, I got a decision from An Bord on an application I had nothing to do with. I ended up having to contact the real applicant myself otherwise he never would have known.
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If you don't have a seven/eight year old, welcome to our world:
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I don't know what happened to Dispatch 19. I must have hit the 'Publish' button by mistake. And I haven't mastered the video embedding thing yet either. I'm working on it.
I'll have fresh stuff about Keith and, separately, toilets in a couple of weeks.

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