28 May 2009

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Does anyone have any more info on John Gormley’s proposals for what to do with unfinished housing developments? I read something a few weeks back about how he hopes to prevent the sponsors of such developments from getting planning permission on future projects. To this end, apparently, a system will be put in place which will allow local authorities to exchange information with each other about rogue builders. But do the Minister’s proposals have anything to say about the hundreds of half built housing estates already littering the country? I’m not being rhetorical – I’d really like to know if anyone has heard anything in this regard.


Meanwhile, on the issue of facilitating local authorities to exchange information about bad builders, it all just seems like so much whispery/gossipy/judgmental fuss – a whole nuther way for local authorities to don’t do what they’re already excellent at not doing (not to mention a whole lot of law suits (not to mention, is this the way we run our planning system?)) How about we do what they do elsewhere – planning applications get judged on their merits, but the actual construction can only go ahead after the contractor has been issued a permit. The permit is issued on foot of proof that the contractor’s insurances are up to date, there are no certificates of ‘incomplete work’ on his file and (crucially) there are no judgments against him/her for non payment of subcontractors. No gossiping, no mid ranking functionaires finding a new way to frustrate us all in the practise of their arbitrary discernments, just a little bit of constitutional discipline.



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