11 Dec 2007

This was a planning condition on a recent planning approval:

2.    Prior to the commencement of development a revised first floor plan and section shall be submitted in which the floor area of the first floor shall be reduced by 20 cm in width

Somewhere, a poor tree is being mashed into a pulp to satisfy Galway City Council’s important requirement.

An engineer in Kildare received this request for Clarification:

Design calculation submitted for surface water between piperun S3-S2 & S2-S1 did not take into account 20% increase for climate change. Please note either the size of pipe should be increased to 450mm diameter or the gradient should be steeper.

Thing is, the clarification came after the engineer had already submitted a water run-off system to the council’s own design. It may be that the ultra green request was written in haste by a junior member of staff because allegedly all the senior staff were out at a roads arbitration. On a Friday. 

Did Offaly invalidate an application 9 weeks after it was lodged? Is this a record?  

Did Wicklow seek 5 clarifications on an application? Is this a record?

Does anyone know anything about a Circuit Court case which ruled that a planning application, including all Requests for Information and Clarifications, should be decided within 6 months of being lodged? If this really happened and is to have effect, what will happen to applicants instructed by local authorities to carry out three month monitoring studies on river flows?

Apart from the public argument going on between John McLoughlin and Carlow County Council, has anyone got any hard information on other alleged/reported unpleasant and extremely serious goings on?   

I’m not sure what to expect in John Gormley’s forthcoming Green Paper on reform of local government. He’s quoted in The Times on Saturday saying that he’s all in favour of giving more power to local representatives but that "this creates a dilemma where things go wrong". Is he saying that democracy is grand so long as everyone does what he says?

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