3 Jul 2009

Having reached the half way point in 2009, I thought I’d have a quick look at a few planning application numbers from around the country for January to June.

In Clare, there were 680 planning applications to the end of June. This compares to 1750 for the same period in 2007. On quick perusal, applications are for no more than extensions and retentions.

Galway City had 250 applications, down from 500 in 2007. Cork County is down from 9200 in 2007 to 6100 this year. In both cases, very few applications were for anything more than a house or an extension. Dublin City Council, too, has very little going on: 3350 applications this year down from just over 3950 two years ago. Not much difference numberswise, big difference scalewise.

From what I can make out on Limerick County Council's website, there were about 740 applications to the end of June 09 compared to 1400 for the first half of 08.

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