31 Jul 2008
... as he tried to get himself quoted in the newspapers. Seriously, he should have his own blog.

I’m trying to work up some kind of energetic response to the Bord Pleanala decision on the Clarence Hotel but, nope, it’s just not happening for me. The plodding punditry of the soi disant architecture-conservation/art-history community on the letters page of the Irish Times has left me exhausted what with their repetitive and wearisome attempts to describe the architectural significance of the ‘quayscape’ and the abomination of ‘facadism’. They’ve gone and robbed me of my critical juices as well as my lifeforce.

Look, as the guy in the Sunday Tribune so astutely called it several months ago, there was never any doubt that An Bord would rule against a U2 proposed McFoster Sky-Catcha! The little obstacle they faced was, in order to be perceived in public as having Sir-Norman-appreciating-bourgeois tastes, they had to say it was okay to demolish chunks of Protected Structures. But, hey, if it means we get a Sir Norman Sky-Catcha! what a small price to pay!

What it all means is that An Bord have created a precedent for demolishing listed buildings so, if you have one you want to get rid of, now’s the time. They’ve also made a joke of previous rulings where new development was prevented because its scale, design and whatever had an adverse effect on some nearby PS. So, for example, if I were the owner of that Protected Structure on Dominick Street, Galway (which I just can’t let go of because another recent attempt to revive a renovation project has fallen victim to the credit crunch meaning that the building will continue to fall down for at least another five years) I’d team up with the Saw Doctors and have Baroness Zaha Haha concoct some twenty five storey triangle which involves ripping the guts out of the PS’s interior, because that will be acceptable to the Bord.

By the way, if you want to read that prescient Tribune article referred to above, it’s in the following post. (That ‘other city’ the Tribune columnist is too polite to mention, but I’m not, is Galway: the building in question is on Dominick Street.)     

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