28 Jul 2009

The process of repossessing the homes of another 83 families for failure to meet mortgage payments commenced at the High Court yesterday. The ‘83’ figure was a record. But don’t worry if you missed it – it’ll be broken again next Monday as it has been for more Mondays than you can count.
Most of the big lenders (AIB, IIB, ACC, etc.) were in some way involved in yesterday’s proceedings. But one lender above all others – Start Mortgages – jumps off the list for the frequency with which it is mentioned: of yesterday’s 83 homes, Start is looking for possession of 29 of them. Checking through the list of High Court proceedings going back for months it seems that Start (who’s motto is ‘Open Minded Lending’) have had the worst luck in getting people to pay them back what they think they're owed.    

As everyone knows, Start specialises in charging people with dodgy credit ratings way over the odds for property backed loans. This is from their website.

But I had no idea that Start gives back to the community by sponsoring soccer teams for homeless people:

So they’ll take your home away from you but, don’t worry, you’ll get your game.

I think I'm representing all the open minded people of Ireland when I say we should kiick Start out of the country, take over the mortgages they've issued on family homes, let the families involved stay in these homes, and have them (the affected families) pay the rest of us back whatever they can afford, whenever they can afford it.

Anyone with a Start story to relate? info@garrymiley.com

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