8 Sep 2008

Regular Dispatch readers will know that this is an extremely ongoing saga (http://www.garrymiley.com/2008/05/16/IfYouKnowWhoDeepThroatIsKeepItToYourself.aspx). When last we left it, people who know something about these things were insisting that there was no Garda investigation into the rezoning of lands outside Dungarvan. However, it was true that the the Garda were investigating something – that something was an alleged wrong doing on a specific planning application for development within Dungarvan town and possibly/maybe involving a Town Councillor.

Last week, the whole thing kicked off once more: the Minister announced that he was, after all, intent on overturning the Council’s decision on the rezoning of its lands and, if yesterday’s trouncing by Kilkenny weren’t enough, the Deise’s Councillors have lots of causes for their collective sore heads this morning: first, the Indo (as well as, from time to time, the locals) are hinting that the Councillors’ decision to rezone lands near Dungarvan had a whiff of corruption about it when, in fact, there doesn’t appear to have been any kind of funny business: second, some folks resent Minister John Gormley’s heavy handedness in dealing with what is a very, very small matter: but, mainly, there’s the whole issue of where the ‘Garda investigation’ story came from, who’s gaining from it and why its still making it into the papers.

You can argue the toss about whether the Councillors’ decision to rezone the lands in question was a good idea or not. But when some people insist in perpetuating the rumour that the Councillors were, en masse, acting improperly when they weren’t, well, what hope have we then of getting good people to stand for election at local level? This kind of thing undermines our democracy and the media would do well to put their finger on the personality(ies) who are at the centre of this and what their true motives may have been.

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