16 Jun 2007

Future meeting of the Irish cabinet under the Biffo regime. Notice John Gormley’s absence. Possible explanation below.

Lots of emails in the past few weeks. The most prized one is from Brian Hayes who said he’d be raising some of the issues covered in the Dispatch in the next Dail. Thanks, Brian. I’m certain you will.

And lots of understanding nods on Tom Byrne’s piece from the last Dispatch. It would be hard to describe the feedback as ‘positive’ – after all nothing’s changed – but perhaps it’s good to know, Tom, that there are hundreds of people out there who understand exactly how you feel. And your suggestion that we start to contact the Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, about abuses of the planning system is a really good one. I’m going to write to her today. Perhaps we all should.


Dublin City Council didn’t endorse the Local Area Plan for Ballsbridge which would (I meant allegedly would) have given developer Sean Dunne carte blanche to build tall enough to get the return on the billions he paid for that small patch of turf around Jury’s hotel. What are council officials going to do now to make sure such a valued customer doesn’t lose on his investment? In my experience, councils have a limitless capacity to reinterpret their own policies whenever preferred clients hit snags with democracy. Let’s see how they do it this time.

By the way, am I right in remembering that when new Minister for the Environment, John Gormley, emerged from Sean Dunne’s exclusive presentation of his 32 storeys+ proposals for the Jury’s site some months back, he (Gormley) was more or less saying he was in favour? I’m pretty sure I am.

Here’s John displaying his ‘combative’ debating style. Very girlie, John, hope you don't mind me saying. If you don’t muscle up Biffo will have you making tea at the cabinet meetings.



Waterford is always interesting, but not half as interesting as it would be if the folks at Ken Wigham’s office had their way. It started as a project for one of their clients but ended up being nothing less than a total redesign for the entire city centre. It’s also highly controversial with local heavies taking stands for and against (you know me, I hate controversy, so I’m not even going to go there…).

Local politics aside, I think it’s fantastic that someone out there is putting pen to paper and firing all our imaginations by making real proposals. There’s only so much whining about bad planning that we can all take.

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