25 Apr 2008
Remember last November RTE did a Prime Time Investigates about land rezonings?
25 Apr 2008

Are Duncan Stewart and John Gormley the same person?

                 Duncan...      John.

Celebrity Cookoo, Pat Kenny, has previously been likened by Eamo to a wooden plank and, in hindsight, you know, I think Pat was well within his rights to take exception to the comparison and pursue this important matter through the courts. There are lots and lots of differences between Pat and a plank - to take just one: didn’t Geppetto once prove that you can actually animate a piece of wood?

Oh, I could go on but, you know, what I really want to know is: were Pat Kenny and Clare Balding separated at birth?


There’s a lovely symmetry to this idea and, were it true, it would begin to explain so many things. To take just one: how uncanny that as TV presenters they both should come across as unnervingly condescending to the viewer in totally the same way...

25 Apr 2008

This is absolutely true. In an important study someone paid for, 18,000 French people were quizzed on the number of times they kiss when they meet a friend. The regional variations are recorded on the map
I think you'll agree that the study raises some truly compelling issues. Like, I can sort of understand why the chilly people in Finistere aren't big into snogging, but what's going on with the folks in Deux Sevres? Maybe its some form of protest, but I know where I'd be getting out of on a Saturday night.
Seriously, though, on the assumption that the majority of men in Category 4 areas only shake hands on greeting (?, it's not like I care) , does this mean that the correct number of kisses for male/female or female/female encounters is actually 8?
And why do they have a Zone 5 in the legend but no corresponding number of kisses on the map?  
I'll never understand France.