26 Nov 2008

From Paul Lee:

'... I just wanted to tell you about a recent little victory against the
forces of indifference.. About two months ago I found myself a little
bit annoyed by the fact that I had twice pressed the button on Cork
County Council's website that says: (and I quote) "Help us to help
you.... Comments, complaints, compliments" written on the bottom left
of the Home Page. Having pressed this button (the first time) which
opens up the feedback dialogue box, I wrote down some points about
improving the planning process in Cork County. The result of doing
this?: Nothing. Also- no record of the email because its a dialogue box!

I tried again about two months later, this time thinking: I better
keep a copy of my email this time. This I did. Response? Same as last
time. About 6 months later, I decided to get in touch with the
Ombudsman to complain. The Ombudsman was very helpful and forced the
County Council to reply to my comments. When I was in touch with the
CoCo about the matter on foot of the reply I had received, they still
didn't know which link on their website wasn't working!.. So I told
them. Poor old Cork County Council don't have the resources to check
their own website.

Anyhow, I received a communication from the Ombudsman recently to say
that Cork County Council have put a system in place to ensure that all
emails to them are tracked.... Well done to Cork Co. Co. for such

So.. lets see if their email system is working by clicking here and
give the poor old Cork Co. Co. a few bits of advice or a little word
of encouragement... ' 

Its so funny you should mention it, Paul - I myself had reason to discover that (at least a couple of months ago) the same little positive-feedback malfunction was going on in either Kilkenny or Dublin (can't remember which).

Here's an idea: everyone reading this, please try to leave some positive feedback on the planning section of their local authority's website and get back to me on how you fared!  


18 Nov 2008
In the world of architecture, the Celtic Tiger arrived gradually. But on the other hand, you might equally say that it arrived with a bang. The ‘gradual’ part was the slow improvement from those awful, awful days in the 1980s when if an architect friend won a commission to redesign a poster for Fossetts Circus you begrudged them their good fortune. The ‘bang’ part was the night in 1996 when Bucholz McEvoy’s winning entry for the design of new the Fingal County Hall went on show at the offices of the RIAI on Merrion Square.
5 Nov 2008

And please, please, please - cut me a little slack here when I remind you all that I suggested on these pages back in February 2007, before he was officially running, that Barack Obama would be the 44th President of the United States of America.

And while you' re in the business of cutting me some slack, let me mention that the Dispatch has been up and running for two years.